Pregnancy is an amazing phase for every woman. However, being pregnant is a rollercoaster ride, eventually when the mother and the baby are growing emotionally and physically. Pregnancy contains its pros and cons, you might hear a lot from friends, family and the internet, but do you know what you are missing? Here are 4 hacks you should try if you’re a new mother.

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1. Feel Confident Using a Nursing Cover

 Uncomfortable nursing in public? Lacking privacy? The nursing cover comes in handy in so many ways enabling more attention to your baby without any distractions in the public or wherever you want to feed your baby. Feel free while nursing in public using our Bebe Au Lait-Muslin Brooklyn Bebe Nursing Cover

2. Hang on to Nipple Creams

Nipple cream is an important product during your pregnancy and breastfeeding because your breasts are more sensitive during this time. The pressure and suction can cause soreness, so make sure you buy a nipple cream. Our Medela – Purelan 100 Nipple Cream is a must-buy for your nipples.  

3. Go Crazy on Breast Pads

 Leaking nipples are a very common symptom in pregnancy. You must always wear a breast pad to cover up the leaking. You can use Philips Avent – Washable Breast Pads which is easy and breathable and reusable which means zero wastage and easy on the pocket.

4.  Anti- Colic Bottles are a Must!

Anti –Colic bottles are a back up for your baby’s feeding security. Anti-colic bottles help reduce the space in your baby’s tummy therefore preventing gas and colic formation. Brother Max – Extra-wide neck Feeding Bottle is a perfect buy for your precious little one. Ease up on breastfeeding and thank us later! 

Each pregnancy is different. What you go through might not happen with another mother. Make sure you do your research and find out what you need for your pregnancy.  Hope this list of hacks helps you in the best way possible. 

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