Packing a diaper bag is really a work of art. So many essential items need to be packed for every possible situation when you’re away from home. Especially if you’re going on an extended trip. If you forget to pack one little thing, you’ll quickly regret it.

However, mama, you can handle this. Putting together a diaper bag doesn’t have to be challenging.

Let’s explore some necessities for your diaper bag that you shouldn’t forget when you leave the house.


The longer you and your baby are away from home, the more diapers you need. Whether you’re a cloth diapering mama or use disposable diapers, always make sure to pack enough diapers to last you the entire trip. To have a constant resupply of your favourite diaper brand delivered right to your door, try Made of. It is an amazing brand which has super absorbent, soft and hypoallergenic diapers.

Diaper Rash Cream

A diaper rash cream must be added to the list of essential items to carry around.

You never know when your baby will develop a rash or when they’ll require a diaper rash cream on-the-go. The best diaper rash creams are those that have organic and natural ingredients to calm the baby’s bottom.

Baby Wipes

When you change a lot of diapers per day, you need a wipe that can handle both routine changes and epic blowouts. We looked at reviews from the Baby Community and combined the findings with our editors’ knowledge and expertise to determine which baby wipes moms and dads thought were the best.

Feeding Bottles

Baby bottles are an absolute necessity for your growing family. Plastic, glass, and stainless steel are just a few of the materials that are used to make baby bottles. It’s important to keep in mind that it will take time for the baby to get used to a specific bottle, whether you need them for traveling or they simply work best for your family.

When picking the right bottle, consider qualities like the material it is made of, how comfortable it is to hold and feed from, and the style of the nipple.

Burp Clothes

Running errands with a burp cloth slung over your shoulder…when you’re out alone…is a quickest sign that you’re a new parent. This baby necessity is so important that you carry it with you even when the baby is not present.

You should always have burp cloths on hand, especially during the early newborn months. Burp cloths can be used to wipe anything that comes your way, including milk dribbles and sneezes, in addition to absorbing the majority of spit-up. because something is usually coming your way. Purchase plenty of soft, absorbent burp cloths that will endure countless washings.

Teething Toys

Soft teething toys are a diaper bag essential for any mom with a baby over three months!

There’s so many options for teething toys on the market, but here’s one that we would recommend.

Nursing Cover

If you are a breastfeeding mama, you’ll need to add a few extra items to your diaper bag like a nursing cover.

You may also want to add other personal items to your diaper bag, like breast pads, period pads, tampons, etc.

Extra Clothes

When you have a baby, extra clothes are a must! Carry around at least two sets of clothes. One set always stays in the diaper bag and the second set of clothes stays in the car.

Remember to also pack extra clothes for yourself mama!

Baby Blanket

A blanket will always be useful, whether you need one to keep the baby warmer or just want one for extra cuddles.

Thick blankets for warmth won’t fit inside a diaper bag, but smaller blankets like receiving blankets do. But you can always keep a heavier blanket in the car during the winter.

Sun Hat And Sunscreen

You must also be ready for warmer weather, in addition to packing a blanket for cold weather.

Baby’s skin will be shielded from the heat and sunburns by items like a sun hat and sunscreen. It might be a good idea to always keep these things in your diaper bag if you live somewhere with warm weather all year long.


Baby mess is common. You never know when you might need to scoop up vomit or when you might unintentionally smear poop on your finger while changing a diaper. When this happens, baby wipes are simply insufficient to clean your hands.

Diaper Bag

And lastly, without a diaper bag, packing is practically impossible! Diaper bags come in a zillion different styles. There is a diaper bag out there for everyone, whether you like totes, backpacks, big, or small bags.

Finding a diaper bag that matches your personality is the best advice I can give you for doing so. Additionally, look for a bag with lots of storage space and a foldable changing pad!

You can find some incredible diaper bags here if you don’t already have one or want to upgrade.

Final Thoughts

The list is a great place to start when packing your diaper bag, even though it may not have everything!

Babies require a lot of little things for the day when you’re away from home. You have to decide what’s necessary to take and what is not. Only you know your baby’s needs and what items you need to take with you. It’s always best to be prepared with extra baby items, then compared to needing them last minute.