Putting a baby to sleep is comparable to winning a battle. We’ve all heard moms say that their nocturnal babies are at their most hyper when the clock strikes midnight. When tired parents are about to fall asleep, they want to play, dance, blabber, and participate in every possible activity.

But what if we told you there’s a one-minute magic massage that will put your baby to sleep?

Yes. It does exist. And no, we’re not joking!

In just one minute, this face massage will transport your little bundle of energy to dreamland. All you need to do is make sure your baby is comfortably dressed, well fed, and in a cozy place – preferably on mommy’s lap.

A one-and-a-half-minute video posted by the French magazine Pour Nous Femmes shows a mother simply putting her infant to sleep with a soothing massage method. The video quickly went viral after striking a chord with sleep-deprived mothers all across the world. It had three million views and 50,000 shares after it was posted on Facebook.

So here’s a detailed version of the one-minute facial massage that can promote quick sleep in babies:

Wash your hands with baby soap and keep your nails clipped. The aroma of baby soap will be familiar to the baby, and nail cutting will ensure that the massage does not create irritation.

Snuggle your little one in your lap or a comfy spot. Once the baby has settled, you can begin the massage.

Begin by softly touching the baby’s head with the tip of your fingers and moving them around the head and back. Move your fingers slowly to the baby’s cheek and forehead. This is best done using your thumb and forefinger. Massage in a circular motion. Slow down the tempo but maintain your fingers moving in perfect sync while the infant is calm. Make certain that you are not massaging the same area twice. It could irritate him. Continue shifting your fingers from the back of the head to the front of the face, around the brows, across the forehead, and down to the neck. Humming your baby’s favorite lullaby may enhance the effectiveness of the massage. This simple approach will have your baby dozing down in no time.

Even though this hypnotic technique has been practiced for years by moms and grandmothers, it is only now becoming more popular online. For any mother, witnessing her child fall happily to sleep is the most rewarding experience. 

So, dear new mommy, a lot of love, a cozy environment, and this easy tip is your ticket to a peaceful night’s sleep.

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