Newborns are both exciting and overwhelming. Keeping up with something new every day becomes challenging and stressful for new parents with newborns. However, these brilliant baby care hacks will make your parenting journey easier.

These tips will save new parents both time and their sanity. You’ll also be able to sleep at night when three hours of unbroken sleep seems like a fantasy.

  1. Use Body Wash With Natural Extracts

For a nighttime bathing routine, try using Attitude’s Baby Leaves foaming wash with blueberry leaf extracts to ensure a soothing sleep at night. Ideally, natural extracts help babies sleep better, especially if you bathe babies before bedtime.

  1. The Fastest Way To Treat Baby Rashes

If your baby is always developing diaper rashes, check for lactose intolerance. The best cure used to treat rashes is breast milk, another effective home remedy is mustard oil mixed with a tiny bit of water.

Having a diaper rash cream is also a must as a mom. We support brands like ‘Made of’ because of their safety standards and the use of pure, simple and organic ingredients.

  1. Use Organic Oil or Body Lotion To Prevent Baby’s Skin From Over Drying

How can you tell if a newborn is feeling itchy?

Perhaps this may be an old tale –  If a baby is feeling itchy somewhere in the body due to dry skin or some other unknown reason. You may be able to notice your baby is spitting or making bubbly saliva around her mouth.

Before or after bathing the baby, massage extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil into the skin to relieve dryness and itching. This will prevent her skin from becoming dry and irritated while yet keeping it soft and hydrated.

Attitude Living has the most gentle products for babies. Get this calming lotion for babies to keep baby skin moisturized and loved.

  1. A Simple Way To Prevent Nighttime Diaper Leaks

By using a simple tip, you can prevent nighttime diaper leaks by choosing a size larger. If your baby normally wears a size 5, switch to a size 6 for the evening.

‘Made of’ makes diapers which are hypoallergenic and made for sensitive skin which can also absorb fluids for upto 10 hours.

Although it will be costly, it will give you more sleep at night because there won’t be any diaper leaks.

  1. Trim Nails While the Baby Is Sleeping

One of the most challenging tasks for a mother is nail trimming. If you use glasses on a daily basis, make sure you always wear them and that there is enough light in the room when trimming the baby’s nails.

  1. Learn To Swaddle The Right Way

Swaddling is very comforting for newborns and they sleep better as they feel cozy and warm like in the womb. Swaddling ensures better sleep and minimizes startle reflux which is quite common in newborns.

  1. Avoid Waking Up Your Baby For Diaper Changes At Night Unless There Is A Huge Blowout

Just let your baby sleep if she appears damp and is not awakened because of the soiled diaper; if not you may change her under a night light. Avoid washing her at night or lighting up the room. Since you are already sleep deprived, you don’t want her to be wide awake.

  1. Carry A Backpack Instead of A Diaper Bag

When you are holding a little child, you must keep your hands free. Instead of a diaper bag, you need a backpack. As a mother of a newborn or toddler, wearing a backpack is an adaptable method to move around without restriction.

  1. Dream Feeding

Feeding your baby while he is sound asleep is known as dream feeding. So when they become hungry, babies do not wake up crying. You would benefit from better nighttime sleep as a result.

Learn more about dream feed and see if it works for you

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