Don’t worry if your baby is refusing the bottle. Did you know that 25% of parents report feeding-related problems with their babies at some point in their growth? So, you are not alone in this!

Introducing a bottle to your baby can be quite challenging. Before knowing how to deal with your baby when they refuse the bottle, let’s take a glance at the reasons that may be behind bottle refusal:

  • Your baby isn’t hungry enough
  • Your feeding position isn’t right
  • Your baby doesn’t like the bottle
  • Your baby doesn’t like the temperature or flow of the milk
  • Your baby isn’t used to bottle feeding yet

The first step you need to take, in case of bottle refusal, is to know the reason. Knowing why your baby is refusing the bottle will help you figure out the problem easily and in a shorter time.

Here are some of the common and effective ways that will help you overcome the above-mentioned causes of bottle refusal.

1- Your Baby Isn’t Hungry Enough

Pick the right time to feed your baby. If they are not hungry enough, they won’t accept feeding by any means. So, wait until your baby is starving before feeding, just to make sure they are motivated to take whatever you offer at that moment.

2- Your Feeding Position Isn’t Right

Although the ideal position to try first is the same one used to breastfeed. But, this position is not always an ideal choice. It may not work! Just try changing the position and trying different ones if that one is not going well with your baby. Motherhood is full of surprises and you will never know what is going to work and what is not. So, just hold your baby in a different feeding position and see what they respond to.

3- Your Baby Doesn’t Like The Bottle

When your baby doesn’t like the bottle, try another one! Usually, moms try this solution first but it would be good if you try the other solutions before spending your money. By changing the bottle, take into consideration the size; shape, and nipple. A good option to go for is the anti-colic bottle from Brother Max. Its nipple is similar to that of a mom and its shape facilitates for babies to hold the bottle by themselves at a certain age.

4- Your Baby Doesn’t Like The Temperature or Flow of The Milk

Experiment! Try different options with your baby until you find the solution. Sometimes, the milk flow isn’t convenient for your baby. Some babies need a very slow flow to take the bottle while others may like a faster one. Although that is what they may prefer, it is not recommended. So, it is always better to use a bottler with a slow nipple flow.

Pick the right temperature. It should be lukewarm just like breast milk is. So, make sure that the bottle is neither too cool nor too warm.

5-  Your Baby Isn’t Used to Bottle Feeding Yet

If your baby had recently been weaned, it is normal to face bottle refusal. Why? because they probably would like to continue breastfeeding. If this is the case, what you have to do is to transition slowly, consistently, and gradually from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Another tip that may work in this situation, is to have someone else handle the feeding.

In case these solutions didn’t work, you should start thinking about changing the formula. Before doing so, talk to your pediatrician who will advise you of the right formula to use, the one that will give your baby what they need.

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