After going through pregnancy and birth, you probably thought that you have gone through all the hard stages, mama. But, motherhood comes with its own troubles, right? Another difficult period that you have to go through with your baby is Baby Weaning. Baby weaning is considered as one of the most difficult challenges mothers face.

It is a hard time mainly because of the bond between the mom and the baby that comes along with breastfeeding and it is not easy for babies to get used to new feeding habits.

Doctors recommend weaning your baby before the age of 2 and a half so that the baby gets the necessary nutrients from breast milk.

So, what is the easy way to do it?

1- Pick The Right Time

When it comes to baby weaning, it is important to pick the right time. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding your baby during the six first months. After six month, you can add other foods until your baby reaches 1 year old.

Some moms prefer not to wean the baby before the age of 2 year old, but if you are a working mother you probably will have to put an end to breastfeeding before that age.

What we don’t recommend is not to wean your baby surprisingly. This may affect the baby’s psychology.

You just need to pick the right time according to your baby’s needs and your circumstances. For example, weaning the baby during teething is not a really good time.

2- Make A Plan

Planning is key to overcome the weaning stage easily. Weaning your baby gradually will allow you to make a schedule and facilitate the process for the baby.

Start by not breastfeeding him/ her 2 times a week, then 3 times and so on. This will allow your baby to get used to the feeding bottle through time. If you are looking for a great replacement to the breast, shop for the anti-colic and BPA free feeding bottles from Brother Max Arabia. The bottle’s nipple is so similar to the breast nipple.

The next step is to make the nursing times during the day less and shorter ( from 10min to 5min for example). If the baby is still hungry, try offering other foods like purees or formula milk.

Before finishing the weaning completely, always keep your baby’s nighty nighty feed because it is the one that comforts and soothes them the most.

Give your baby and yourself at least 1 whole month to finish the weaning successfully. Take your time mama!

3- Give Your Baby The Affection He/ She Gone With Breastfeeding

Remember that babies don’t only get the nutrients from breastfeeding. They also derive the moral comfort that comes from the strong physical contact with their moms. Breastfeeding builds an unbreakable bond between the baby and the mom.

To stop breastfeeding doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t strengthen that bond any more. So, during the weaning stage don’t distance yourself from the baby and try to always keep him/ her close to you.

Hold him/ her tightly several times during the day so that he/ she feels your love and affection and doesn’t miss the bonding time that comes with breastfeeding.

Make him/ her your companion during your daily activities. For example, you can hold the baby when reading a book.

4- Involve Others

During the weaning stage, it is OK to seek help and involve help in the process. In fact, one of the most effective and recommended solutions by La Leche League International to deal with bottle refusals is allowing others to feed the baby. You can get help from the lovely grandma or the caring grandpa or even older siblings. Try not to be around when someone else is offering the bottle.

If this solution is not working, you can try feeding the baby in a different environment or holding him/ her in a different position.

5- Offer A Good Menu Instead Of Breast Milk

Considering the baby’s first foods, most parents start with a spoon of cereal rich in iron mixed with 4 or 5 spoons of breast milk. Once the baby is used to cereal, you can offer vegetables or fruits purees.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends offering a new food at a time and waiting for about 2 to 3 days in order to introduce another one.

Once your baby is 9 month old, he/ she can start enjoying hand-eaten chopped or pureed foods.

Try always offering foods that the family is eating too in a way that is aligned with your baby’s ability.

Good luck with your weaning journey mama!

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