Baby swaddles are a great choice because they are versatile. Aside from being used to create a strong bond with your baby and help you go through the day like a superhero mom, they can be used for so many things! Here are a few suggestions for how to use the BEBE AU LAIT Swaddle Blanket.

1- Swaddle

Usually, a newborn is not used to the new space around them. They can hit the different objects around them and hurt themselves. The fact is that you can’t always control a newborn’s startle reflex which is not at all fun. For this, you can always use Bebe Au Lait nursing cover.

A swaddle gives your baby a feeling of safety and security similar to the one they feel in the womb. So, you can use a Bebe AU Lait nursing scarf to swaddle your baby. It will also help them stay warm while they adjust to the temperature changes from the womb to the real world. 

2- Nursing Cover

BEBE AU LAIT offers you a great privacy for nursing times especially that it is made of flexible material that maintains its bowed shape. Besides, it comes in different beautiful colors and prints that will add a stylish touch to your motherhood journey. It also has an adjustable neck strap that allows for custom fit for every mom. But, if you are looking for a versatile product that does it all, you can use BEBE AU LAIT Swaddle Blanket instead. 

A nursing scarf can work well as a nursing cover with the right placement. Simply tuck a corner of the scarf under a bra strap and drape it over your feeding baby. It won’t be as easy to see a baby as it is with a proper nursing cover, but you may feel just as comfortable.

3- Sunshade 

The truth is that your baby always needs protection from the sun. No matter where you live, the weather can change in a minute, going from a cloudy day to a day with full sun in the heart of the sky. Let’s face it, when you’re outside with your baby, you would probably want to take one item that serves many tasks. In this case, BEBE AU LAIT Nursing scarf can serve you well. You can simply drop the scarf over the baby’s car seat or stroller to keep them safe and protected from the harmful rays of the sun. 

A bonus tip is to use as a car seat cover for your baby to keep your car clean and your baby safe and comfortable in the soft muslin layers that BEBE AU LAIT nursing scarf is made of.

4- Burp Cloth

One of the original uses of the nursing scarf blanket is as a burp cloth. Draped over the shoulder of every well-meaning, help-offering relative in order to protect their clothes from the not-so-adorable smell of baby vomit. A nursing scarf will help immensely, but there’s always BEBE AU LAIT amazing Burp Clothes to do the job right if you don’t mind spending a little bit more on your baby’s gear. 

5- A Toddler’s Favorite Blanket

Let’s face it, even when babies grow to toddlers, they still stick to their favorite piece of fabric to become their favorite blanket that they may call it blankie, or snuggie, or nu-nu or toddler lovie. Whatever your baby calls it, BEBE AU LAIT Nursing Scarf can do the job and accompany them in their growth journey from being a baby to becoming a toddler. 

You can use the BEBE AU LAIT Swaddle Blanket as your toddler’s lovie or blanket after using it as a swaddle. By hugging the BEBE AU LAIT Swaddle Blanket, your baby’s nap will be more comfortable, and your road trips will become more enjoyable. 

A Nursing Scarf can be the least estimated necessity of a baby’s diaper bag. But, BEBE AU LAIT, Nursing Scarf is the best choice you can go for since you can use it in many versatile ways and you can always save some money by using this unique piece for different purposes.

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