The weaning stage is for sure difficult for every mom especially that it comes with a huge mess and chaos. Every mom should expect a lot of food laying around on the floor or on the table. But, you can for sure manage it better if you make smart decisions. So, as usual, we are here to help with some tips and tricks. Whether you’re at home having a family meal, or outside for a fun day out, these ideas and products will help you manage baby food mess like a pro!

So, let’s get started!

1- Put Out a Plate

Sometimes, parents make a mistake and don’t put a plate for their baby’s food. They may lay it on the tray and call it a day. But, this is not a good practice. 

In fact, it is very beneficial when a baby eats from a baby plate or a bowl. 

Baby bowls and plates are also useful because they remind parents of the right proportions they should serve to their babies. They are made for babies and their little hands, so they are quite handy for the weaning stage. 

We advise you to use Brother Max Easy Hold Plates for successful mealtimes. They will be very helpful because they have a unique easy-to-hold handle that allows the left or right hand to wrap around for complete stability and support.

Brother Max Easy Hold Bowls are also a perfect choice for the weaning stage. They are the perfect size for little ones to encourage self-feeding whilst being easy for parents to hold too.

Both products come in a pack of two, available in blue, pink, and green. They will help you manage your baby food mess like a pro!

2- Use a Section Pad

When it comes to baby mealtimes, nothing will help you more than a suction pad. Mealtime can get messy with a new self-feeding baby and toddlers that are learning their strength! The strong suction base of Brother Max Plate Suction Pad will adhere to most surfaces, and the quick-release tab makes removal easy for adults.

Brother Max Plate Suction Pad that suction to the table, will help keep plates from flying off the table. It is dishwasher safe, and its clean up is easy and quick, too. Now if only you could keep your toddler in place so easily!

3- Choose the Right Drinking Cup 

The weaning stage is also the time when you train your baby to drink from a cup. So, you need to pick the right training cup for an easy transition from bottle to cup. It will save you a lot of spilled juice and water on the floor. We advise you to use a training cup with handles at the beginning. Babies hold the most to ones with handles. Then, you can graduate to ones that have the spout. 

You can use Brother Max 4 in 1 Training Cup. It comes with easy-hold handles for small hands, your little one can learn to drink from a cup with the easy sipper ring. There are four stages from soft silicone teat with handles to sipper ring without to help your baby move on from a bottle. It’s BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and suitable for 4 months and more .Also available in pink and blues.

4- Have your Gear Ready for On the Go 

If you don’t like your baby’s mealtime mess when you’re at home, we are sure that you hate it even more when going out. But, what can you do if your baby gets hungry? Well, all you need is to get your secret weapons ready. Choosing the right snack bowls and weaning sets for on the go times will help you manage outside mealtimes like a pro! 

So, you should go for Brother Max Snack Bowl if you are carrying a light snack for your baby. It has an easy-hold handle and it is ideal for snacks on-the-go. Its flexible and soft lid, perfect for little fingers. The easy-to-access flexible lid is great for cereals, raisins, fruit, cheese and more!

But, if you are taking out a meal for a long trip, we advise you to use Brother Max Weaning Bowl Set. Brother Max Weaning Bowl Set is perfect for meals on-the-go. Its removable divider allows you to take multiple meals or courses with you in one bowl. Plus, you don’t need to take any spoons out with you. It comes with two travel spoons available in both pink and blue, and they have a special spot for them on top of the set cover. So, they will never go missing. 

So there you have it, with a few of the right tools you can manage the mess and even minimize food waste when doing baby-led weaning at YOUR house!

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