Becoming a new parent can be a nerve-wracking experience. One of the most exciting but scary aspects of being a new parent is giving your little baby a bath.

The confusion about bathing babies makes parents opt for bathing their newborns on a daily basis. The question is, is it really healthy to shawer a newborn everyday?

Keep reading momma to know the answer!

Is It Healthy to Bathe My Baby Daily?

It is a fact that there’s no need to give your baby daily baths. Although shower time may be an exciting time for you and your baby and an opportunity to bond more with your little bundle of joy, it is not recommended to bathe your baby everyday.

Newborns’ skin is quite fragile and sensitive, so excessive bathing may cause skin dryness.

Besides, newborns usually don’t like baths at the beginning. So, not bathing your baby daily will help you avoid a lot of crying and tears.

If you are giving your baby the necessary amount of attention when changing his/ her diaper, then you are already taking good care of the parts that need to be taken care of: face, neck and diaper area.

So, there’s no need to give your newborn a bath everyday. Newborns and babies need about 2-3 baths a week for about 5 to 10 minutes long.

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