Travelling with your baby whether to visit family or to lay on the beach on exotic island is for fact an exciting experience.

It is a great opportunity to bond with your family members and the youngest family member. Still, it is a hard mission and a real challenge to travel with your little human especially that babies are always full of surprises. This means that you need to be well-prepared and get your packing checklist all checked.

Here’s your list of products you must have when travelling with your baby:

1- Easy-to-fold Car: The first thing all mothers need to have while travelling is an easy-to-fold car in order to ensure easy movement and total comfort for your baby.

2- Baby Bra: If your baby weighs 3.6 kg or more, you will need a baby bra to hold him easily.

3- Travelling Cradle: To keep your baby safe and comfortable during sleep, you must get a travelling cradle along with a warm blanket.

4- Nursing Cover:  You should get your nursing cover from Bebe Au Lait Arabia for easy and comfortable feeding in public places like the plane, the bus station, etc…

5- A Soother: If your baby is used to soothers, don’t forget to take his favorite one to soothe him when he/she is fussy during the journey. Get your BPA free soother from Brother Max Arabia along with its great holder so that your baby doesn’t lose his soother.

6- Travel Bowls and Spoons: In order to be able to take some snacks for your road trip with your baby, get the weaning bowls which come along with the travel spoons. Both of them are perfect for meals on the go.

7- Burp Cover: Trips are usually messy and in order to avoid some mess, get your baby the burp cover made of cotton which you can find at Bebe Au Lait.

8- Wet Wipes: Wet Wipes are a must! Don’t forget your wet wipes, you will need them all along the way.

You can order all the above-mentioned products from and enjoy a safe and calm journey or flight with your baby.

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