The first time you hold your new baby is the best moment in the world. Here are some baby care tips for new moms like you. They’re filled with everything you need to know so you can spend more time enjoying your little one.

One thing to remember is not to panic over every little thing, and don’t freak out if your baby messes up or poops on you (it’s just their way of communicating).

As a first-time mom, you are bound to be covered in stains of one kind or another for many years to come, try and get used to it. Clean clothes are overrated at this point so forget about them!

Take a look at these baby care tips to help you on your journey to becoming a new mother.


Most newborns will eat eight to twelve times a day about every two or three hours so make sure to pay attention to their cues like sucking on fists or smacking his mouth and sometimes opening their palms which indicate that you need to feed your little one again.

You can tell when your infant has had enough to eat by looking for closed fists which is an easy way to know that they are full.

Getting Baby To Sleep

You’ll need to establish a sleep routine for your newborn in the beginning, such as giving them a bath, putting them in pajamas, reading a book, and rocking them to sleep. They will eventually need to learn to fall asleep on their own, but this is impossible at an early age.

Sleep training, which will teach your infant to fall asleep without your assistance and later be a big help to you, can be started when your child is between four and six months old. This will help you avoid having as many sleep problems!

Diaper Changes

Some babies like being changed but most will squirm and fuss. To make your job easier distract, occupy or make your baby feel like they’re part of the changing process – whatever works best for you – Sing or talk to your baby, tell them what you’re doing and when they’re older, get them to ‘help’ by holding on to a wipes pack or cream with both hands.

Taking Turns

If you are constantly telling your husband what to do with the baby, he will get frustrated and resentful. Don’t interfere unless it is life-threatening, he needs a chance to have a go at doing things on his own. Just let him do his thing.

Asking for Help

You need to let others help you after having a baby. This will help you get some rest and time to heal. Don’t do the housework; instead hire someone to come in and clean or let a friend or family member help you out for a few weeks.

Make A Routine

After the first few weeks, it’s important to have a schedule that works for both you and your baby. Make sure to include feedings, diaper changes, naps, sleeping, play and tummy time in your schedule so that it flows well together.

What to Do if Your Baby Gets Sick

In infants two months and younger any kind of low-grade fever you should call your doctor right away. Use Tylenol to drop the fever and also a damp cloth to dry out. If they are a year old or younger and the fever is 102 or higher it is a good idea to call your baby’s doctor.

Going Out With Your Newborn

When you feel like you can’t be in the house anymore, plan an outing. A new environment will be good for both of you for a few hours. Pack your diaper bag ahead of time so you don’t have to do this when you are ready to go out the door.

  • 8 Diapers
  • Wipes
  • 3 Bibs
  • Bottles
  • Extra Pacifier
  • Diaper rash cream
  • 2 Burp Cloths
  • Sunscreen
  • Breastfeeding cover
  • Change or two of clothes
  • Warm blanket
  • Toys
  • Formula if you are using it
  • Baby carrier

You only need to bring a few items; I know some people bring bouncers, playmats, and a baby swing, but I think that is going a little too far. You will be fine if you pack the essentials.

Final Thoughts On Tips For New Moms

The hospital will teach you a lot about the basic care of your baby along with your mom or a good friend, and some things you will learn as you go. Taking care of yourself is very important so don’t forget about you but also try to include your husband in everything so he doesn’t feel left out. Being a mom is hard and you will be tired, take all the help you can get when you can and enjoy some time to yourself.

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